Favorite Movies For A Long Weekend


I thought it would be fun to come up with a movie survival guide for a long weekend because while its nice to have an extra day off, sometimes I can’t think of anything to do! I love watching movies, so grab your popcorn and here are my favorites for each day of the long weekend!

Saturday- Wonder Woman (PG-13)

What’s a better way to start a fulfilled weekend than with an action-packed, and truly genuine movie? The movie begins with a pilot crashing on a hidden Amazonian island and leaving with a warrior in training. Diana, the warrior, learns the strength of her powers and helps a young man survive the war. You will experience hopefulness, excitement, and so much more in just 2 hours and twelve minutes.

Sunday- Definitely Maybe (PG-13)

I watched this movie on Netflix and thought it was so amazing! It tells the story of a young mans relationships with three different woman and how one became his wife. It reminds me of How I met Your Mother in the sense that it is a dad telling his daughter the story of his marriage. It is definitely worth seeing!

 Monday- The Goonies (PG)

This one is a classic and a great way to end the weekend! My mom recommended this to me and I’m so glad I ended up watching it. If you didn’t already know it is about a group of misfits who visit an abandoned house to find the treasure to save their home from foreclosure. Created in 1985, The Goonies takes you on a hilarious adventure, and one that you should definitely go on soon. (Maybe even this weekend!)

Enjoy your long weekend and please send me any movie recommendations for the weekend coming up!


Addison Belle


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