Spring Fashion Trends To Look For In 2018

Happy International Friendship Day!

I can’t believe there are only three weeks til spring break! Three weeks! It’s about that time to start your spring shopping, and to help you I have come up with a list of upcoming fashion trends that you will start seeing in only three weeks.



FLOWY SUNDRESSES                                                  

Personally, I have always loved sundresses, but they are about to be super popular. Sundresses can vary from form-fitting to long and loose. This spring flowy is the way to go when it comes to sundresses!


HIGH WAISTED TROUSERS                                                    

High waisted trousers are chic and versatile.   They can be dresses up or dressed down. Some have a belt with a bow, others are simpler. With these pants you can really make them your own.


GEOMETRIC EARRINGS                                                                      

The first new spring trend is geometric earrings. I have already seen these all over Pinterest and Etsy. Geometric earrings can be a stamens piece or just a small addition to a stunning outfit. They are modern, stylish, and super fun!


LAVENDER, LAVENDER, LAVENDER                                                         

This has always been one of my favorite colors and so I am super excited that it is becoming a trend! Lavender is perfect for spring dresses, shirts, and literally everything else!

I hope everyone has a great spring break and has success while shopping for some new clothes and maybe even some of the ones listed here!


Addison Belle


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